Are Going Green!

Climate change is currently a hot topic and everyone must play their part to drive change. Not only are we committed to reducing our carbon footprint, but we have already implemented various initiatives as part of our carbon reduction plan. Further details on our current green initiatives are detailed below, including ways you can get involved.

MED-EL UK LTD Are Going Green!
ReUse, ReTurn, ReCylce Logo

Return, Reuse, Recycle Clinic Boxes

You can help make a difference! We have provided recycling boxes to all our clinics. We encourage you to use these by dropping off your used MED-EL equipment—such as processors, magnets, cables etc.

Alternatively, you can send the items back to us by using our free-post labels. To request your free-post label simply email our customer services team at

Going Green

Planting MED-EL Miracle Trees

Protecting and restoring nature provides an effective solution to combat climate change. Tree planting in the developing world also helps restore ecosystems and create jobs for those most vulnerable. With that in mind… an idea was planted!

In April 2022 the first MED-EL Miracle Trees were planted in South Africa, with a pledge to plant a tree on behalf of every UK & Ireland cochlear implant recipient, to help grow a better and brighter future.

From Certificates to Seedlings

We also provide our cochlear implant recipients with biodegradable seeded certificates so they too can experience the magic of seeing something grow in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are instructions on how to plant the seeded certificates:


Step 1

Fill a pot three-quarters of the way with soil.


Step 2

Soak paper in water, place in your pot (tear up if necessary) then cover with a thin coating of soil.


Step 3

Place in a warm sunny spot and water daily. Seedlings should appear within 7-10 days.


Step 4

Watch your herb seedlings grow and then use them in your cooking.  

Green Office Initiatives

Green Supply Chain & Office Initiatives

Various aspects of our business have already had a green overhaul, including our mode of transport. Not only do we promote a cycle-to-work scheme but we also provide our sales team with eco-friendly electric vehicles. From a product distribution perspective, we actively reuse boxes and make use of paper tape and paper jiffy bags instead of plastic for all our packaging.

Should you wish to get in contact to find out more, email