For More Natural Hearing

Experience the fullest, richest range of sounds and perceive speech and music more naturally—all with Triformance. Triformance is the combination of three unique MED-EL technologies that work together to enable you to reach your fullest hearing potential.



Protecting the delicate nerve cells of your inner ear provides a solid foundation for a clearer and more accurate perception of sound.


To hear the most natural range of sounds, you'll need an implant electrode that's long enough to cover the whole cochlea.


Only FineHearing sound coding technology gives you a richer perception of sound by delivering deep bass tones.

Hear the Triformance Advantage

Select Music or Voice, then click on the play buttons below to hear the Triformance difference.

Dave Brubeck—Take Five

Male Voice

  • Poor Sound Fidelity

  • Moderate Sound Fidelity

  • Triformance

Cochlea with Electrode


Spectrum of Sound


These audio samples are designed to help you understand the benefits that Triformance could provide. They are not meant to simulate how a recipient of a MED-EL cochlear implant will hear. Hearing results with cochlear implants vary depending on many factors.

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