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Cochlear Implants
SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System

A cochlear implant (CI) system helps to restore the sense of hearing for individuals with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss. For individuals with this type of hearing loss, hearing aids provide little or no benefit.

A CI is the only medical device capable of replacing a sense. It works by bypassing non-functioning parts of the inner ear and providing electrical stimulation directly to nerve fibers in the cochlea. A CI system consists of two parts: an externally worn audio processor, which sits comfortably behind or off the ear, and an internal cochlear implant, which is surgically placed just under the skin.

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The Best Option
The Right Audio Processor for You

Choose between the SONNET Behind-the-Ear Audio Processor and the RONDO Single-Unit Processor. Both audio processors are powered by our proven Triformance technology for more natural hearing.

SONNET Processor for Cochlear Implants


Behind-the-Ear Audio Processor

  • Water-resistant design
  • Sleek silhouette
  • Can be color-customized

Water-resistant, lightweight, and tamper-proof, SONNET can keep up with the most active of lifestyles and the youngest of children. Built-in wireless connectivity means you can sync with nearly any external audio source, with even more options to come. With SONNET's industry-leading 60 hour battery life, you'll stay connected to sound for days using just 2 zinc-air batteries.

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RONDO Processor for Cochlear Implants


Single-Unit Audio Processor

  • Compact all-in-one design
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Waterproof with WaterWear accessory

RONDO combines the control unit, battery pack, and coil into a compact and convenient single-unit processor. RONDO is worn off the ear, so it is especially comfortable for individuals who wear glasses. With the WaterWear accessory, RONDO is waterproof and ready to go anywhere.

More about RONDO Discover WaterWear


Behind-the-Ear Processor

  • Thinnest and lightest BTE processor
  • Children's wearing options
  • Connects easily to audio devices

The thinnest and lightest processor, OPUS 2 has children's and body-worn wearing options to suit even the smallest ears. OPUS 2 is ideal for both children and adults. The processor has several energy-efficient battery options for flexibility, and wireless connectivity for syncing with external audio devices.

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SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant
3.0 Tesla MRI—Without Magnet Removal

With the SYNCHRONY implant, you'll have the peace of mind knowing you've chosen the only implant that delivers exceptional hearing performance, outstanding reliability, and unmatched MRI safety.

More about MED-EL's unique electrode design
Cochlear Implant

1. Unparalleled
MRI Safety*

The self-aligning implant magnet provides unmatched comfort, security, and peace of mind during an MRI scan.

2. Smallest
Titanium Implant

The smallest and lightest titanium cochlear implant available—making it the ideal choice, even for the youngest candidates.

3. Proven

Small titanium fixation pins secure the implant in place, ensuring stability for long-term safety and reliability.

4. Flexible

MED-EL offers the widest selection of soft, flexible electrodes to ensure the optimal solution can be chosen for every candidate.

* Patients with a SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant may be safely scanned with 1.5T and 3.0T MRI under the conditions detailed in the instructions for use.

Powered by Triformance

Experience the fullest, richest range of sounds, perceive speech and music more naturally, and protect your hearing—all with Triformance.

To give you the most natural hearing possible, MED-EL cochlear implants are powered by Triformance, the combination of three key technologies: Complete Cochlear Coverage, FineHearing, and Structure Preservation.

Hear the Triformance Advantage


Can you hear the bass? Only our unique FineHearing sound coding technology gives you a richer perception of sound by including deep bass tones. With our FineHearing technology, SONNET provides a fuller, more natural perception of speech and music, especially with low-pitched bass sounds.

Structure Preservation

Our incredibly soft, flexible electrodes are designed to protect the delicate nerve cells of your inner ear. Protecting your cochlea enables your implant to deliver the best benefit, both now and in the future.


Complete Cochlear Coverage

To hear the most natural range of sounds, you'll need an implant electrode that's long enough to cover the whole cochlea. We offer the longest, most flexible electrodes available, making our electrodes the only choice for Complete Cochlear Coverage.

* Fine-structure coding is not indicated for pre-lingual children in the USA.

Sync With All Your Devices

With built-in wireless connectivity and flexible direct audio input options, both SONNET and RONDO can connect to nearly any external audio source or Assistive Listening Device (ALD). The integrated telecoil lets you connect wirelessly to a wide variety of audio-streaming systems. An accessory battery pack enables direct audio input from any device with a headphone jack.

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