Wearing Options

The wearing options for SONNET and OPUS 2 provide a lighter way to wear your audio processor, and are ideal for babies, children, and active adults.

Comfort and Security

Have the freedom to do the things you love. Our wearing options for SONNET and OPUS 2 take some of the weight off your ear, making them lighter and more comfortable to wear. They also help to keep the audio processor securely in place, no matter how active you or your child are!

  • More comfort and added security
  • Peace of mind during sports and activities
  • Ideal for babies and younger children
Wearing Options from SONNET


ActiveWear and BabyWear provide a lighter way to wear your SONNET. Both wearing options are easy to attach, and allow SONNET to be clipped to your clothing to keep it safe and secure.

Sonnet Wearing Options
Wearing Options for OPUS 2


OPUS 2’s modular design makes it perfect for different wearing options. With BabyBTE / ActiveWear and the Children’s Battery Pack, you or your child can wear OPUS 2 however it best suits you.

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