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What’s the right solution for your hearing loss? These fictional stories focus on people with different types of hearing loss, their day-to-day experiences, and how they found the right solution for them. Take a look at the stories, and see which one best matches your own hearing loss background.

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Every person’s hearing loss journey is different, so these stories are based on the combined experiences of many recipients. These stories should not be considered medical advice, but they can help you get a better understanding of the steps to finding a solution to hearing loss. You can find out about real-life experiences from MED-EL recipients on our User Stories page.

Vera’s Journey

Get a unique insight into what to expect from your journey to better hearing. This in-depth video series follows Vera from her decision to get her cochlear implant all the way to surgery and beyond.

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Cochlear implant testimonials

User Stories

Learn about people’s experiences with their MED-EL hearing solution. From parents to seniors, cochlear implants to bone conduction systems, our stories from around the world show what life is like with a hearing solution.

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