Best Performance for Real Life

Performance Matters When Selecting
a Cochlear Implant

Numerous studies have demonstrated that MED‑EL Cochlear Implants deliver exceptional sound quality and performance, not only when compared to previous generations of MED‑EL products, but also in comparison to other cochlear implant systems.1,2

Up to 30% Better Performance
in Noise than Any Other
Tested System

Calculated from Haumann et al. (2008) using the psychometric function from Schmidt et al. (1997)
The strengths and weaknesses of a cochlear system become apparent when tested under conditions aimed at assessing speech perception in real-life circumstances. An independent study performed by the Department of Otolaryngology at the Medical University of Hannover, the world's largest cochlear implant center, aimed to do just that. The results of this study show that the MAESTRO CI System outperforms all other cochlear implant systems.1

Participants in this study listened to sentences with varying levels of speech in order to simulate real-life listening situations. All major cochlear implant brands were represented in this study. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences in performance between cochlear implant systems. As the listening situation became progressively more challenging, only MED‑EL users continued to improve. Additionally, only MED‑EL users were able to still understand 50% of speech, even when the noise level was louder than the presented speech.

20% Higher Speech Perception
Scores for Users of MAESTRO

Graph adapted from Brough et al. (2009)
Best hearing performance for the MAESTRO CI System is further supported by an ongoing comparison study conducted by the Manchester Cochlear Implant Program at the Central Manchester University Hospital – one of the leading cochlear implant centers in Great Britain.2 Once again, the MED‑EL MAESTRO CI System performs better than any other tested system.2

This study not only measured performance among CI systems, it also compared older generation processors to current generation systems. All major cochlear implant systems were represented. Results indicate that users upgrading to a MED‑EL audio processor experience the most benefit from upgrading to a current generation processor.

Whether in quiet or in noise, in changing and challenging listening situations, the MAESTRO System’s unique technologies make the difference. By maximizing the potential of the entire cochlea – from the base to the apex for Complete Cochlear Coverage – MED‑EL’s unique FineHearing technology makes the fine details of sound come alive. In combination with MED‑EL’s superior front-end processing with Automatic Sound Management, OPUS processors automatically adapt to changing listening situations so that the user doesn’t have to.
  1. Haumann et al.(2008), 8th Int.Conf.of the Europ.Soc of Paed.ORL, Budapest 2008.
  2. Brough et al.(2009), British Cochlear Implant Group Annual Conference, Cambridge, 22–23 June 2009

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