LittlEARS Auditory Questionnaire

This auditory questionnaire is designed to screen the auditory development in children with normal hearing and in children with hearing loss who have received a cochlear implant(s) (CI) or hearing aid(s) (HA). It covers auditory development in the first 2 years after a CI or HA fitting (up to 2 years of hearing age) or in hearing children up to 2 years of age.

The questionnaire includes age-dependent questions with increasing complexity of the auditory responses. Therefore, with a younger child, fewer questions will be answered YES.

How to complete the questionnaire

All questions are to be answered by checking either YES or NO. Please mark:

YES: if you have already observed the behavior in your child at least once.
NO: if you have never observed the behavior in your child, or if you are not sure how to answer the question.

It is normal that some questions will be answered with YES and others with NO.

Is your child fitted with a CI(s) or HA(s)?


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LittlEARS Auditory Questionnaire

If your child is between 6 months and 2 years old, these questions can help you better understand your child's hearing abilities.

Answer YES or NO to each question. Answers will vary depending on your child's age.