The MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System converts everyday sounds into coded electrical pulses. These electrical pulses stimulate nerve fibres in the cochlea. The auditory (hearing) nerve transmits the signals to the brain where they are interpreted as sound. The implant continuously stimulates at very high speed. As the brain receives sound information instantaneously, sounds are heard as they occur.
  1. Sounds are picked up by the microphone in the audio processor.
  2. The audio processor analyses and codes sounds
    into a special pattern of digital information.
  3. This information is sent to the coil and is
    transmitted across the skin to the implant.
  4. The implant interprets the code and sends
    electrical pulses to the electrodes in the cochlea.
  5. The auditory nerve picks up the signals and
    sends them to the auditory centre in the brain.
    The brain recognises these signals as sound.

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