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SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

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Do you love inventing and creating?

Win a trip to Austria with MED-EL’s search for hearing inventions

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Simple Connectivity.
Great Flexibility.

Enjoy connecting to the media you love—wirelessly.

Connect With Bluetooth

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Receive SONNET and RONDO plus BONUS Connectivity Pack.

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Ready for summer
for BTE processors

The fully waterproof WaterWear accessory for SONNET, OPUS2 and RONDO is an inexpensive, reusable cover that delivers complete water protection.

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Why MRI Safety Matters

Cochlear Implant MRI

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Cochlear Implant System



For More Natural Hearing


Hear the Triformance Advantage

New to Hearing Implants?

MED-EL is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices for the treatment of various types and degrees of hearing loss.


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Watch our collection of videos we've created for you. Learn more about hearing and hearing implants.

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MED-EL's comprehensive support programme offers a wide variety of materials to support you along your hearing journey.

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If you would like to be referred directly to a cochlear implant centre, please contact us.

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About MED-EL

Our broad portfolio of hearing implants ensures to fit each candidate's unique hearing loss.

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HearPeers helps you connect and share experiences with other hearing implant users.

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Cochlear Implant System


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Make Waves With
WaterWear for RONDO

The fully waterproof WaterWear accessory for RONDO is an inexpensive, reusable cover that delivers complete water protection.

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For Superior Hearing Performance

At MED-EL, we believe that the ultimate goal of any hearing implant should be to provide the recipient with the best possible hearing performance.

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A World of Sound in a Single Unit

RONDO - The World‘s First CI Single-Unit Processor.

Now, for the first time, RONDO delivers the freedom of an audio processor with room behind the ear.

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Two Great Audio Processors, One Special Offer!

To celebrate the launch of RONDO, the world's first single-unit processor for CIs, patients who receive a MED-EL cochlear implant until June 30th 2015 (date of implantation) will receive both the all-new RONDO and the OPUS 2 behind-the-ear processor!

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