Important Safety Information

Bone Conduction Implants - BCI 601

Interference with other equipment

  • Surgical diathermy: Electrosurgery instruments can produce radio frequency voltages that might result in direct coupling between the instrument and the implant. Monopolar electrosurgical instruments must not be used within the vicinity of the implant. The induced currents could cause damage to the implant or the patient’s hearing.

  • Ionizing radiation therapy: Radiation therapy does not harm the implant. It is recommended not to wear an audio processor during irradiation.

  • X-ray, CT, cobalt treatment, PET scan, diagnostic ultrasound: No restriction within clinically useful exposures.

  • Monopolar electrocautery, therapeutic ultrasound, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy: May never be applied directly over the implant because these procedures may damage it.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): MRI examination up to 1.5T with the Bonebridge is permissible. The following conditions have to be considered:
    • The audio processor shall not be worn, but still audible interference can occur.
    • An artifact of 15 cm around the implant will be present on the images.
    • MRI examination with >1.5T will damage the implant and must be avoided.


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