Who is Will Wonder?

Will Wonder is a young adult who listens to the world in a different way. Robot Ears help Will to hear and communicate with others, and newly-discovered special powers make him more sensitive to the vibrations given off by other people, the earth and the environment. The ability to control these vibrations makes Will powerful.

Resources for Educators

Will Wonder can help you introduce the topic of hearing loss
and cochlear implants to students.





Story Synopsis:

Edition One

The day of the riots changed everything in Temporia. On an otherwise sunny day, Will was awoken by chaos in the streets of his home town. The sounds of panic and confusion filled the streets, but it seemed only Will could hear normally – a dull humming in the minds of his fellow townspeople drowned out all sound.

Together with his dog Audio, Will follows his only clue: loud hammering coming from the mountain above Temporia. Entering a cave at the top of the Mount Horn, Will and Audio follow the loud noise until the ground breaks under their feet.


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