Using Telecoil

Delivering sound by magnetic induction

A telecoil is a special circuit inside the audio processor designed to pick up electromagnetic signals. These magnetic signals – or induction signals – are 
wirelessly transmitted to the audio processor by using either a neckloop, silhouette, or induction loop system.

neckloop is a wire worn comfortably around the neck that transmits signals to the processor.


silhouette is an ear-level telecoil device that is placed on the ear next to the audio processor.


Simply plug the telecoil accessory (neckloop or silhouette) into the 
audio device or ALD receiver and select "T" or "MT" on the FineTuner. 
Adjust volume as needed.

For Induction Loop Systems, simply position yourself within the listening area and select "T" or "MT" on the FineTuner. Adjust volume as needed.

TIP: Electromagnetic technology is susceptible to interference, which can cause some intermittent humming while using a telecoil accessory. Humming usually occurs when the user is positioned near a source of electromagnetic energy (power lines, fluorescent lighting, computers, appliances, electronics, etc.). Simply moving away from the source can remedy interference issues
if they occur.

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