Using Assistive Listening Devices

Cochlear implant (CI) technology has opened up a whole new world of sound and improved quality of life for many people. But sometimes your own personal listening experience can be even better with help from an Assistive Listening Device (ALD).

An ALD can help you hear and enjoy a concert or other performance, catch every word of a teacher's lesson or seminar, even engage in a quieter, more personal hearing experience when you're watching TV or listening to your iPod.

ALDs are designed to bring sound closer to the listener, effectively overcoming certain factors that compromise hearing, such as background noise, distance from the speaker or poor room acoustics. They can be used with or without CIs or hearing aids to make hearing easier in theaters, classrooms, conference rooms, places of worship, museums, theme parks, and even your own home. By reducing stress and fatigue, ALDs can help you relax and focus on life's best experiences, instead of sound distractions.

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