Enjoying Music with
Your Cochlear Implant

When you watch a bride and groom's first dance, a baby lulled to sleep by Brahms Lullaby, or a baseball player listening to the national anthem with tears in his eyes, you understand that music is an integral part of our lives. Recognized as a universal language, music has the power to engage emotions and bring all kinds of people together.

No matter how strongly you're connected to music, there's no doubt listening to it is part of a greater social experience that adds to your enjoyment of life. Those who have experienced substantial hearing loss often say they feel isolated in social environments where everyone else is enjoying music. The good news for people with cochlear implants is that there are specific steps you can take to help you reconnect to the joys of music.

Advances in implant technology continue to help. Today, MED-EL makes the only cochlear implant with FineHearing technology1 for better music appreciation and hearing in noisy environments. Our technology provides greater accuracy than ever before, so it allows listeners to detect smaller differences in pitch and perceive a wider range of tones, including music.

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