Technology Focus

CAUTION: The information you see on the following pages refers to an investigational device in the United States. These devices are limited by US Federal law to investigational use only.

*FSP is not indicated in prelingual children.

The success of MED‑EL hearing implant solutions lies in the unique blend of technologies, features, and techniques that provide superior hearing performance for implant systems that are both reliable and easy to use.

The MAESTRO™ Cochlear Implant System's exceptional performance can be traced to the combination of Complete Cochlear Coverage, FineHearing™ and Automatic Sound Management. These MED-EL technologies are especially designed to provide the best possible hearing performance for individuals with hearing loss.

For many users, cochlear implantation is a consideration – either at the time of their first surgery or later on after they have had an opportunity to gain experience using a cochlear implant. The advantages of cochlear implantation make it an important topic for parents, children, and adult hearing implant users.

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