HearPeers Community

As a MED-EL recipient, don't miss out on the experience of being involved with HearPeers! Run by MED-EL hearing device users for MED-EL hearing device users, HearPeers is the place to ask questions, share your story, and connect with others in your community.

Do you want to attend a fun bowling night or even a movie with other MED-EL users? HearPeers is the ticket! Do you want to understand something complex, like how electrodes work? Or something practical, like how to wash your hair after surgery? Someone in your HearPeers community knows the answer, because they’ve all been in your shoes.

Having support from others who have experienced hearing loss is also crucial to your rehabilitation. Swap tips and tricks to optimize your listening skills so you can go explore the world and all the sound it has to offer.

Don't wait any longer - join HearPeers now!

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