Simple Practice at Home

Life doesn't hold back, and you shouldn't either! Immediately after switch-on, you should get started learning to listen with your cochlear implant.

Don't waste any time in beginning to do these sample exercises with your spouse, a close friend or a family member:


Practice 1:

Follow along as your friend reads a passage in a book. Ask your reader to stop at certain words, so you can speak the words out loud. After this exercise, have him/her randomly read any sentence in a paragraph, so you can guess which sentence it was.

Practice 2:

Without relying on speech-reading, have someone voice:

  • Names of people you know
  • Simple sentences: "How are you?" or "Nice to meet you."

Practice 3:

Listen to basic "read-along" children's books available on CDs or cassettes at the library. Work up to more challenging literature as your training progresses.

Practice 4:

Listen to public radio. Talk shows are a good source of practice on the road – because they often deal with current news – giving you clues about the topic of conversation.

Practice 5:

Try talking to a close friend or family member on a speaker phone. Listening via the speaker phone will allow your spouse or partner to clarify anything you miss.

Be sure to prompt your caller before you begin - "speak slowly and clearly... use short sentences... stay on topic, etc."

See Using the Telephone for some telephone training tips.

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