Tips for Music Listening

Keep these tips handy to help you fully realize your
music listening potential.

  • Make sure the sound quality is good (MP3 players, CDs, and adequate volume control – since too much volume will distort the sound).
  • Choose a comfortable environment (quiet, relaxing, no echo).
  • Use earphones or a direct connect system.
  • Start with a simple piece (solo and repetition are ideal). You might look on the Internet by typing "piano solo" or "guitar solo" into your search engine.
  • Select something familiar. Music you listened to before you lost hearing can be easier to understand – your memory helps fill in the gaps.
  • Find music with a strong beat (rock, hip-hop, etc.).
  • Engage your sight and use visual cues (watch live music or music DVDs to help identify rhythm and beat).
  • Find the lyrics. Type the title and "lyrics" into a search engine, or try to find a performance of the song or instrumental piece at
  • Talk with other cochlear implant recipients, or seek guidance from a hearing rehabilitation specialist or your audiologist to assist with your progress.


When you are ready for more...

  • Broaden your musical tastes (classical, pop, country, rock, folk, etc.).
  • Use trial and error by sampling different styles and practice identifying
    sounds and instruments.
  • Learn to play an instrument, join a community chorus or church choir,
    or take music therapy.
  • Have fun and don't give up!

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