Factors to Consider

Individual differences can cause one person's perception of music to differ greatly from what someone else experiences, even if they both have similar devices. Cochlear implant recipients find a number of factors contribute to their ability to enjoy music:


Having healthier nerve cells and residual hearing may help some CI recipients distinguish the signals of music better than others. Another factor is whether your surgeon was able to achieve full insertion of the electrode, or if your unique anatomy dictated a shorter insertion. Other factors include your length of time being deaf, cause of hearing loss, and variations in your cochlear anatomy.

Musical Characteristics
The rhythm and beat of a piece of music also make a difference. Rock, hip hop or other music with a heavy beat may be a good starting point. You can practice your way to hearing more complex music, like symphonies.

Environment and Expectations
You already know that speech perception is easier in listening environments free from other sounds and complicating factors. The same is true when you're listening to music. Setting reasonable expectations for enhancing your music listening experience is also important for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

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