Receiving a

The SOUNDBRIDGE middle ear implant system is designed for inviduals who have been diagnosed with mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss or conductive or mixed hearing loss. This middle ear implant system is recommended for individuals who cannot use conventional hearing aids either due to medical reasons or because they do not sufficiently benefit from them.

Individuals, including adults as well as children aged five years or above, interested in the SOUNDBRIDGE will undergo audiological tests and medical examinations to determine if the SOUNDBRIDGE is a suitable treatment for them. Audiological tests will assess the patient’s type and degree of hearing impairment.

During surgery, the internal part of the SOUNDBRIDGE is implanted under the skin in the area behind the ear. The FMT is attached onto a mobile middle ear structure.

This type of surgery is routine standard procedure for experienced ENT surgeons and takes one to two hours. The procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia. For further information concerning any additional details you need to know before the operation your surgeon will be pleased to help.

For a list of experienced surgeons please visit our Clinic Finder.


Activation of the SOUNDBRIDGE
Approximately eight weeks following implantation, users are fitted with the audio processor and the SOUNDBRIDGE is activated. An audiologist or other hearing professional can counsel users concerning optimal use of the SOUNDBRIDGE.

If you would like to be referred directly to an implant center, or would like more information on the SOUNDBRIDGE, please contact us directly.

* The VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE System is approved for the treatment of conductive and mixed hearing losses as well as for implantation in children in Europe and in other countries accepting the CE mark.

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