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Rehabilitation Product Catalog

The Rehabilitation Product Catalogue describes all materials supplied by MED-EL, including assessment and rehabilitation tools for children, teens and adults. A wide range of downloadable resources are also described.


My LittlEARS Diary

The My LittlEARS© is a week-by-week record book and assesment tool for documentation of the early auditory, speech and language development of children with hearing loss.

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My LittlEARS Diary Activities

My LittlEARS Diary Activities are interactive family orientated activities, which provide listening practice following the structure of the LittlEARS Diary.

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Munich Music Questionnaire

The Munich Music Questionnaire is a validated research-based tool assessing the music listening habits of people with post-lingual deafness.

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The Hearing Implant Sound Quality Index (HISQUI) is a validated questionnaire used to determine an individual´s sound quality in daily life.

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Music and Young Children

Music and Young Children With Cochlear Implants is a set of suggestions for parents of young children to introduce music into their lives.

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Music Tips for Adults

Music Tips for Adults is a summary of the key issues involved in music listening training.

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Little Listeners

Little Listeners is a guide for the support of young children with a cochlear implant. It is designed especially for parents of children who receive a cochlear implant and discusses the state-of-the-art regarding cochlear implantation and contains detailed information on preverbal communication, speech, language and auditory development.

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Telephone Training Tips

Telephone Training Tips is a set of useful tips for cochlear implant users. It can be used by therapists and users as a concise overview of the key issues involved in successful telephone use.

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Ling Six Soundcards

The Ling Six Sound Cards are an illustrated representation of the six sounds of the Ling Six Sound Test.

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Loudness Scale Charts

The Loudness Scale Charts are a set of illustrated scales. They can be used to determine how listeners interpret the loudness of sounds played to them during fitting sessions.

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Sound Localisation

Sound Localization is a brochure on how to develop the ability to perceive the direction of sounds.

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Mu.S.I.C Test User Guide

The Mu.S.I.C. Test is an instrument-based test, with specially composed pieces for certain subtests. The test is comprised of 8 subtests. Six modules assess specific musical skills, while two are subjective tests. The following modules are available on The Mu.S.I.C. Test Dvd: Pitch, Rhythm, Melody, Distinguishing Chords, What Instrument, Number of Instruments, Emotional Perception and Dissonance.

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