• It's your moment.

Listen effortlessly.

Spend more time in the moment and less time adjusting settings—no matter where you are. With SONNET's Automatic Sound Management 2.0, you'll be able to focus on the most important sounds—
not just the loudest sounds.

Wind Noise Reduction

Listen more easily in outdoor settings and windy conditions.

Automatic Volume Control

Hear soft sounds clearly and loud sounds comfortably.

Microphone Directionality

Focus on the sounds in front of you—without missing the sounds around you.


With SONNET’s sleek, splash-proof housing, you won’t have to worry about an unexpected splash or hard-won perspiration keeping you from enjoying the moment. Lounge by the pool. Go jogging. Work up a sweat.

SONNET is water-resistant and lightweight, so you might just forget you’re wearing it.


Hear better. Naturally.

Experience the fullest, richest range of sounds, perceive speech and music more naturally, and protect your hearing—all with Triformance. To give you the most natural hearing possible, SONNET is powered by Triformance, the combination of three key MED-EL technologies.

Listen longer.

Stay tuned in to a world of sound. SONNET’s durable cables are designed to last longer and work harder. With up to 60 hours of battery life from two zinc-air batteries, our newest audio processor delivers on efficiency without compromising sound quality.

60-Hour Battery Life

Performance Without Compromise

Mix it up.

Blend in or stand out. With hundreds of different colour combinations to choose from, you can mix and match processor parts for a SONNET that suits your style. How will your SONNET look?

SONNET Control Unit

    Battery Pack Cover

      Microphone Cover



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            Our latest audio processor is fully compatible with all MED-EL cochlear implants from the previous 20 years, so all current recipients can benefit from the latest in hearing technology.

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