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Technology and Techniques:
Offering Next Generation Hearing Today

MED-EL’s research has had a unique history of driving the development of topics aimed at providing each hearing implant recipient with the best possible benefit. This research has resulted in technologies and concepts which have led to ever better hearing performance for MED-EL hearing implant recipients.

  • Complete Cochlear Coverage enables stimulation from the base to the apex of the cochlea providing recipients with improved performance as a result of an extended stimulation range.
  • At the core of our electrode design is the goal of atraumaticity: to preserve the delicate structures of the inner ear for potential benefit from future technological advancements.
  • Hearing preservation is a function and a direct measure of the atraumaticity following electrode insertion.
  • MED-EL electrode arrays are designed for optimal contact spacing, reducing channel interaction and preventing electrode rigidity. 
  • Providing users with two cochlear implants not only ensures that the best ear has been implanted but also adds important timing cues that could result in improved localisation and better speech understanding in noise.
  • MED-EL sets itself apart by developing coding strategies that are unparalleled in accuracy and rate of stimulation. 


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