Technology Focus

At MED-EL, our goal is to deliver the best possible hearing solutions to the recipients of our hearing implants.
The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System’s provides exceptional hearing performance with the advantages of Triformance. With Triformance, the unique benefits of Structure Preservation, Complete Cochlear Coverage, and FineHearing work together in synergy to maximise hearing performance. These innovations enable our cochlear implant recipients to reach their fullest hearing potential.

The key to the success of the EASTM Hearing Implant System is the effective preservation of residual hearing through use of especially soft and flexible electrode arrays. MED−EL believes that this is of highest priority in all implant surgeries. That is why MED−EL designs the world’s most atraumatic electrodes to preserve the delicate structures of the cochlea today and for the future.

For many users, bilateral cochlear implantation is a consideration – either at the time of their first surgery or later on after they have had an opportunity to gain experience using a cochlear implant. The advantages of bilateral implantation make it an important topic for parents, children, and adult hearing implant users.

The highly successful technology of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE® is also one of MED−EL's most special. Using highly miniaturised materials to stimulate the moving structures of the inner ear, the unique micro technology of the FMT creates vibrations so small that they have been compared with the heartbeat of an ant.

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