Vera, 6 years

Vera has a constricted ear canal on her right side and therefore only 70% of sounds can reach her middle ear. Her condition was only discovered by chance, as at home it had never really proved to be a problem. It was only once she attended school that it became more obvious that she was unable to hear 100% properly.

Her bravery was truly astonishing, as she took it all in her stride and looked forward to having the implant so that her hearing could be improved. Her older sister, Valentina, had been implanted with a Vibrant Soundbridge in 2012 and was very happy with the results. Vera had seen her sister go through the operation and how much it had positively changed her sister's ability to hear and therefore had no concerns about having an implant herself. She wanted to have a Bonebridge!
Her teachers and school friends all knew she was going to receive an implant and in comparison to her sister, who had been teased at school about how her ear looked, Vera received support from everyone. None of her friends said anything horrible and therefore Vera felt confident and was indeed pleased to show her audio processor to everyone. It worked so well that she was even able to play football in the breaktime with her friends. Vera enjoys school so much more since receiving the Bonebridge. She understands her teachers much better than before, particularly her foreign language teacher, which has proved so important as she now feels fully involved in the lessons.


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