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Individuals with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD)
can now benefit from binaural hearing

MED-EL offers the only CI system CE-Marked for SSD in both children and adults.1

Candidacy Criteria

  1. Severe-to-profound hearing loss in one ear.
  2. Little or no benefit from acoustic amplification
    in the best aided condition.
  3. Normal hearing, or mild-to-moderate hearing loss,
    in the contralateral ear.

For Children and Adults2

  1. Greater Speech Understanding.
  2. Better Hearing in Noisy Environments.
  3. Balanced Hearing.
  4. Sound Localisation

Binaural Hearing

With monaural hearing, the brain recognises sounds only from one side of the head. This can cause sounds to be hard to locate or distinguish, difficulties listening in noisy environments, and hearing to be less comfortable. Binaural hearing uses the brain’s ability to combine and compare the inputs from two different ears to unlock access to a three-dimensional world of sound.

​Head Shadow


Binaural hearing allows sounds to be heard from all directions. In monaural hearing the head acts as a barrier to some sounds and noise from the hearing side can overwhelm sounds from the contralateral side.

Binaural Squelch


In binaural hearing, the brain compares signal-to-noise ratios from both ears to distinguish and filter sounds in noisy environments. This makes noise less intrusive.

Binaural Summation


Binaural hearing means that the effort of hearing is distributed across both ears. Sounds therefore appear louder and easier to hear.

User Story

The Day My Life Changed

with Detlev Fischer

Expert Interview:

Therapy for SSD

​with Ingrid Eikmeier-Stindt

Detlev experienced sudden hearing loss in one ear. After medication and a hearing aid proved to be ineffective, his hearing was restored with a cochlear implant.

Read More

Ingrid Eikmeier-Stindt has spent 10 years as an audiologist and teacher for the deaf Localization and hearing-impaired. She specializes in the rehabilitation of individuals with SSD.

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  1. The MED-EL CI system is approved for SSD in countries that recognise the CE-Mark.
  2. Tavora-Vieira et al. 2013; Kleine Punte et al., 2011; Stelzig et al. 2011; Jacob et al. 2011; Vermeire et al., 2009; Kleinjung et al. 2009
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