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The standard in middle ear implants

As the market leader of middle ear implant technology, MED-EL’s SOUNDBRIDGE has seen the evolution of the VORP 503 implant, a new generation of Vibroplasty Couplers and the distinctive SAMBA audio processor. The system now offers the perfect combination to treat individuals with mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss as well as conductive or mixed hearing loss.

The VORP 503 is MR Conditional at 1.5 Tesla, implant fixation is easier with self-drilling screws, the design of the implant has been optimized and the FMT is clip-free and orientation-free. With the latest Vibroplasty Couplers, professionals are provided with more flexible coupling options, which can offer the recipients the most suitable solution for middle ear implant surgery.

VORP 503 implant for the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGEVORP 503 implant with magnified FMT

MR Conditional at 1.5 Tesla

The underlining concept of the SOUNDBRIDGE system is to provide medical professionals with the most advanced technology for precise and flexible middle ear surgical solutions.

  • VORP 503 implant MR Conditional at 1.5 Tesla enabling recipients to undergo MRI scans, if required in the future.
  • Implant fixation with self-drilling screws offers easier and quicker fixation.
  • VORP 503 implant has a thinner body, optimized geometry.
  • Adjusted conductor link length and increased tensile strength optimizes handling.
  • FMT optimized – clip-free and orientation-free for flexible Coupler options.

Vibroplasty Couplers

Offering optimal coupling possibilities

The latest Vibroplasty Couplers have been designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, providing ideal surgical handling and optimized coupling to the middle ear structures.

For sensorineural hearing loss:

For conductive or mixed hearing loss:


  • For FMT fixation on short
    process of the incus
  • New coupling without
    posterior tympanotomy,
    away from facial nerve
    and chorda tympani
  • Fewer steps required
    in SNHL surgery

    SP Coupler for the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE


  • For FMT fixation on long
    process of the incus
  • Easier coupling
    without crimping



  • Round window Vibroplasty
    with less drilling
  • More standardized round
    window coupling
  • Easier handling,
    anatomically optimized

Round Window Soft Coupler for the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE


  • Standardized
    stapes-head coupling


User with SAMBA audio processor
Made for patients, designed for you

SAMBA audio processorSAMBA

Audio Processor

The SAMBA offers a new wave of hearing technology for SOUNDBRIDGE recipients, with its data-logging feature and self-learning system, it brings with it a smarter and more efficient fitting procedure.

  • Intelligent Hearing System includes intelligent sound adapter, adaptive directional microphones and speech tracking
  • Wireless connectivity* options via Bluetooth or telecoil to external devices such as mobile phones, FM-systems, ALDs etc.
  • Up to 5 individual programs
  • Remote control for easy adjustment of volume and change of program
  • Optimized fitting procedure using battery pill or wireless fitting, vibrogram availability, and data-logging feature showing usage of the SAMBA
  • Award winning design (reddot award 2014) offering recipients comfort and style
  • Simplified logistics due to fewer audio processor variants and range of cover colours included with the audio processor.
  • Fully compatible with previous SOUNDBRIDGE implants

*Wireless connectivity feature is available with the Siemens miniTek. Sivantos is not responsible for the operation with the SAMBA or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards in operation with the SAMBA.

Integrity Testing with the new VSB QuickCheck 2

Efficiency at its PeakVSB QuickCheck 2

One button, one second, one result—with the new VSB QuickCheck 2 testing the integrity of the VORP 502 and VORP 503 implants is as quick and straightforward as it gets. The innovative integrity tester can be used during surgery or in follow-up appointments to test the functionality of the implant. The VSB QuickCheck 2 works wirelessly and without the need of any additional equipment, helping you to maximize workflow efficiency.
VSB QuickCheck 2 offers:

  • Simple handling
  • Quick results
  • Immediate certainty

*The VSB QuickCheck 2 is not a medical device and is not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes.

SYMFIT 7.0 Software

Optimizing the fitting procedureSYMFIT 7.0 Software

Using the SYMFIT 7.0 Software, fitting procedures for both the SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE systems is now more efficient and standardized.

  • Vibrogram feature for both SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE
  • Fitting can be carried out wirelessly or via the battery pill
  • Data-logging feature stores informationabout the usage
    of the SAMBA
  • Programmable microphone directionalityand wind noise reduction
  • SAMBA audio processor can be programmed with up to 5
    individual programs

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