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New and Improved Design of Incus-LP-Coupler

New and Improved Design: Incus-LP-Coupler

Collaboration between hearing professionals from the surgical and audiological fields and MED-EL, is paramount for the continual improvement and effectiveness of our products. The success in advances made with our hearing technology enables us to provide you with state-of-the-art products. History shows how valuable this working relationship was and will continue to be in the future.
Due to the feedback from professionals working with our Incus-LP-Coupler, MED-EL can now offer an improved coupler design, optimizing the surgical procedure.

    Benefit from:
  • Optimal FMT placement
  • Closer coupling of FMT to incus
  • Less drilling

Improvements in DetailChanges in Detail

  1. Wider Legs
    The legs of the cage enclosing the FMT are wider for effective FMT placement.

  2. Shorter Bridge
    The bridge of the coupler is shorter so that the FMT is closer to the stapes.

  3. Smaller Incus-Clip
    The size of the clip enclosing the incus is reduced by 30% so that less drilling is required.

Incus-LP-Coupler - an Overview

The Incus-LP-Coupler is used in cases of sensorineural hearing loss to place the FMT onto the long process of the incus via a posterior tympanotomy. With the Incus-LP-Coupler this established position of the FMT can be effected conveniently and efficiently.

The assembly of the FMT and the coupler can easily be done in the holding frame of the coupler. This step is made easier due to the wider legs of the new coupler. In addition, with the new Incus-LP-Coupler and its smaller cage, less bone needs to be removed during the surgical procedure.

Once attached to the incus, the FMT should be as closely positioned to the stapes as possible. Due to the shorter bridge of the improved Incus-LP-Coupler, this requirement can be fulfilled more easily. Due to the special design of the cage, the Incus-LP-Coupler does not need to be crimped to the incus to ensure proper fixation.

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