Rabea, 7 years

Rabea was born without a pinna and with an occluded ear canal. Daily life was anything but enjoyable for Rabea: events such as children’s birthday parties, festivals with music or even shopping centers were too much for her, so much so she would often breakdown and cry. She wished so much that she could take part in these events but just couldn't cope in these environments.  

When Rabea was four years old, she tried wearing a bone conduction headband for two weeks. Unfortunately she couldn’t cope with it at all. Though hearing was much easier, she didn’t want to wear the headband and therefore the whole device became useless for her.

But a couple of months later, she was willing to give the device another try. This was when our doctor told us about the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE and recommended us to have Rabea implanted before she started at school. And that's what we did. The day her audio processor was fitted was very exciting and emotional. One of Rabea’s first questions was “Have the birds always sung so beautifully?”

Rabea has become a very lively girl. She challenges herself with different sports and also wants to learn a musical instrument. Going to parties or other events with many different sounds is a lot easier for her now that she has a SOUNDBRIDGE.

And, by the way, between us, we call her audio processor her “ear”.

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