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Individuals around the world are affected by hearing loss, including children and young adults. Growing up relying on a hearing implant for access to sound and communication provides young people the opportunity to interact with family and friends in the hearing world. In some cases, young cochlear implant users are able to attend mainstream school along with their hearing peers. The character of Will Wonder is inspired by these young people.

Will was born with a profound hearing loss and he is shaped by his experiences growing up with his Robot Ears. A comic book, like all texts, provides the reader with an opportunity to examine themes, conflicts, interactions between characters, relationships and much more. As one of the few stories featuring a protagonist with a cochlear implant, the Will Wonder series may provide a basis for discussion between those who follow his adventures.

The Will Wonder comic series is designed to engage young adult readers and beyond. 

Questions for discussion, “Practice in the Apple Orchard”:

  1. What is Will’s attitude toward his Robot Ears? What would Will rather be doing instead of practicing his powers?
  2. Why does Tara challenge Will to work hard? What does she mean when she says “Not everything worth doing is easy?”
  3. Will says that his mother often played
    listening games with him when he was growing up. Why is important for all individuals to practice things?
  4. Tara challenges Will to learn to use his powers to the best of his ability. Why is practice important? Why is practice important for users of cochlear implants?
  5. What is the nature of Will’s relationship to Tara? Why does Tara practice with Will?




Questions for discussion, “Visit to Dr. Tympani”:

  1. Dr. Tympani recognizes that Will may have felt different while wearing his Robot ears. Have you ever felt different before? Why can feeling “different” sometimes also be difficult?
  2. Will says that he never really thought about where his Robot Ears came from. Are there things you use in your daily life which you feel are essential? Why are Will’s Robot Ears so important to him? 
  3. What is Will’s connection to Prince Incus? What things do they have in common? 



Discussion questions “Will Wonder and His Robot Ears”:

  1. Why can Will hear when the rest cannot?
  2. Who is “The Giant That Sleeps” and why does he need help from Will?
  3. Why does Malleus want to harm the Giant?
  4. Why are Malleus and Incus in conflict with one another?
  5. How can Will hear the Giant when others cannot?
  6. When Will uses his powers for the first time, he feels powerful. Have you ever felt powerful? When? What is it about this new “power” that gives him confidence to face Malleus? Would Will have confronted Malleus without powers?
  7. What characteristics of Will’s personality make him a hero?
  8. What kind of a person is Tara? What makes her a good friend? Why does she challenge Will?
  9. What connection do the people of Temporia have to the giant and to the earth?

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