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MED-EL Rehabilitation

Professional Support

If you’re an audiologist, speech & language therapist, rehabilitation specialist, or any other professional that works with hearing implant recipients, our MED-EL Rehabilitation Programme is here to support your work.

The MED-EL Rehabilitation Programme supports all of our hearing implant recipients at every stage of their hearing journey. We emphasise the development of hearing and listening skills while supporting all approaches to rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation experts have developed resources for recipients and parents as well as audiologists, speech therapists, and other professionals.

Our dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists have extensive experience in the field of hearing implant rehabilitation. In addition to creating materials for you, they also regularly share rehabilitation activities for recipients on the MED-EL blog.

MED-EL Professionals Blog

Whether you’re an audiologist, speech & language therapist, or rehabilitation specialist, you’ll find plenty of useful resources on our MED-EL Professionals Blog. We post new articles weekly—and every month we share a comprehensive rehabilitation lesson kit for free download.

  • Monthly Themed Lesson Kits
  • Rehabilitation Apps
  • Handling tips & tricks
  • Latest updates from MED-EL

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MED-EL Rehabilitation Bookshelf
This free app is the easiest way to access our extensive MED-EL Rehabilitation Library, including the Ling 6 Sound Cards, Little Listeners, and weekly rehabilitation tips & tricks. You can easily sort through content by author, popularity, or age group. You’ll also be notified when new materials are added.

Suite of Rehabilitation Apps
In addition to our Bookshelf app, we have a comprehensive suite of apps for professionals. Our Rehabilitation apps are a great way to simplify assessment tasks and easily track recipient progress. You can try of these apps for free, and they are available for IOS and Android devices.

Rehabilitation Downloads

Get free rehabilitation materials anytime. Here you can easily download and print useful rehabilitation materials from our library. There are materials for all different age groups, rehabilitation types, and languages.

Assessment Database

Download the MED-EL Assessment Database including the LittlEars® Auditory Questionnaire (LEAQ) and the Hearing Implant Sound Quality Index (HISQUI). The LEAQ is a parental questionnaire which evaluates auditory behavior in the pre-verbal developmental phase. It uses a series of 35 yes/no questions, and can be completed in around 10 minutes. The HISQUI is a questionnaire used to determine an individual's perception of sound quality in daily life. The questionnaire can be completed in 10-15 minutes.


SoundScape is a collection of online interactive listening activities that have been designed to engage the audience in a fun, intuitive way. They are free for everyone to use, do not require a login and have been created for individuals of all ages. Although the activities do not and should not replace therapy, they offer a fun platform to help individuals with hearing loss practice their listening skills.

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