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In Sync with Natural Hearing

The SYNCHRONY EAS Hearing Implant System is the 3rd generation Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) Audio Processor from MED-EL, the pioneer of combined Electric Acoustic Stimulation.

Electric Acoustic Stimulation is a potential solution for High Frequency Hearing Loss (HFHL). High Frequency Hearing Loss is a type of sensorineural hearing loss which occurs when hair cells in the cochlea are missing or damaged. It is different from normal sensorineural hearing loss because the extent of hearing loss varies depending upon the frequency of sound: in HFHL, a mild-to-moderate hearing loss in the low frequencies becomes a profound hearing loss in the high frequencies.

SYNCHRONY EAS Cochlear Implant System

MED-EL Electrodes

Comprehensive Electrode Portfolio

Specifically engineered to ensure cochlear integrity and preserve residual hearing, FLEX electrode arrays are the most atraumatic electrode arrays available. Uniquely designed not to deviate into other scalae and ideal for both round window and cochleostomy surgical approaches, FLEX electrode arrays are recommended for safe electrode insertion to preserve natural residual hearing.

MED-EL has developed the FLEX20 and FLEX24 electrode arrays specifically for EAS, ensuring the optimal solution can be selected for every candidate.

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of study participants demonstrated benefit from EAS1


of study participants were able to use the acoustic component


reported improvement in their ability to hear noisy environments


reported that communication was less difficult overall

With EAS, recipients are 11 times more likely to use the acoustic component after surgery.1

EAS 11x

With EAS, recipients are 4 times more likely to maintain residual hearing after surgery.1

EAS 4x
1. IDE G040002 Final Report "Electric-Acoustic Systems Clinical Trial"
Other resources: FDA Panel Meeting, Octiber 2013: Roland, J. T., Gantz, B. J., Waltzman, S. B., Parkinson, A. J. and The Multicenter Clinical Trial Group (2016), United States multicenter clinical trial of the cochlear nucleus hybrid implant system. The Laryngoscope, 126: 175–181

SYNCHRONY® Cochlear Implant

In Sync with Natural Hearing

Smallest Titanium Implant

The smallest and lightest titanium cochlear implant available—making it the ideal choice for even the youngest candidates.

Atraumatic Electrode Arrays

Engineered to preserve delicate cochlear structures, MED-EL’s flexible electrode arrays provide Complete Cochlear Coverage for superior hearing performance.

Revolutionary Magnet Design

Conditionally MRI safe even at 3.0 T with the magnet in place, the magnet can optionally be removed to minimise image distortion on MRI head scans.

Proven Stability

The SYNCHRONY PIN implant features titanium fixation pins proven to secure the placement of the implant for outstanding stability.

Unparalleled MRI Safety

3.0 Tesla MRI—Without Magnet Removal*

SYNCHRONY combines the highest cochlear implant MRI safety with proven performance, reliability, and the most comprehensive portfolio of atraumatic electrodes available.

See full MRI conditions

Conditionally MRI safe at 0.2, 1.0, 1.5, and even 3.0 T without the need for magnet removal.
If necessary, the magnet can be removed to minimise image distortion on MRI head scans.
Rotatable, self-aligning magnet greatly reduces torque for increased patient comfort during MRI scans.
The magnet can only be removed from the bottom side of the implant, making accidental dislocation of the magnet practically impossible.
SYNCHRONY enables 3.0 T MRI without the need for head bandage or splint kits.

Simple MRI Conditions

SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant

Other MED-EL Cochlear Implants

* It has been demonstrated that no known hazards exist in specified MRI environments under conditions as described in the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant product labeling.

For more natural hearing in any listening environment


Audio Processor

The SONNET EAS is the 3rd generation Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) Audio Processor from MED-EL, the pioneer of combined Electric Acoustic Stimulation. SONNET EAS combines the SONNET audio processor with an acoustic unit and customised ear mould to provide dedicated acoustic stimulation across the low frequencies and electric stimulation in the high frequencies. With 6-channel fitting and 48dB acoustic amplification across the low frequencies, SONNET EAS is the ideal solution for candidates with partial deafness.

  • Adaptable CI/EAS audio processor
  • EAS function with 6-channel acoustic fitting with gain of up to 48 dB and a maximum power output of 118 dB SPL across the low frequencies
  • Water-resistant and tamper-proof
  • Automatic Sound Management 2.0 actively adapts to changing listening environments
  • Dual microphones provide Wind Noise Reduction and Microphone Directionality
  • Delivers up to 60 hours of battery life without a trade-off in processor performance
  • Lightweight rechargeable battery options
  • Link-check coil function with LED indicator
  • Fully compatible with the last 20 years of previous MED-EL implants

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MAESTRO® System Software 7.0

Fast, Intuitive, & Better Than Ever

The MAESTRO 7.0 System Software is faster, easier, and more powerful than ever before. It’s incredibly easy to use, and it’s packed with even more tools to support faster, better fitting outcomes.

Find out about all the benefits of MAESTRO 7.0 in our in-depth interview series.

Simplified sessions with intuitive workflow interface that guides through each task.
Quickly create fitting maps based on objective measures.
AutoART checks all electrodes while delivering fastest complete intraoperative measures available.
Add and manage patients easily through detailed overview list.
Automatic intraoperative and postoperative measures with precise FineGrain AutoART.
Ensure continuous implant connection during fitting through link-check DL-Coil.

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