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MAESTRO 7.0 System Software: Interviews

Welcome to our podcast series on our MAESTRO 7.0 System Software. Here you’ll find an in-depth look at what’s new in MAESTRO 7.0, and how all of these new features will benefit you in your clinical work.

These interviews are focused on the new tools and features of the software, explained and described by the people who helped shape these new developments.

You can download all the interviews below, as well as full transcripts of each interview.

Introduction to MAESTRO 7.0
Jennifer Robinson

Senior Product Manager Clinical Software, PM

In this first interview, we introduce the design philosophy of MAESTRO 7.0, the differences from MAESTRO 6.0 and the new tools and features that clinicians can look forward to.

Download Transcript

Workflow in MAESTRO 7.0
Jennifer Robinson

Senior Product Manager Clinical Software, PM

We explain the brand-new intuitive workflow in MAESTRO 7.0 and go into detail about how the new tools and features of the software make the clinician’s fitting process much more efficient.

Download Transcript

New tools: AutoART
Dr. Konrad Schwarz

Development Engineer, R&D

We talk about the new AutoART tool in MAESTRO 7.0, and Dr. Schwarz explains the science behind this tool and how it provides clinicians with a fast, safe, and reliable way to objectively measure CI function and performance.

Download Transcript

New tools: ARTFit
Dr. Peter Nopp

Director of Research, Signal Processing, R&D

We discuss the ARTFit—the new fully automated ART-based fitting tool. Dr. Nopp shares how ARTFit will enable clinicians to get more work done in less time and how he envisions the future use of this tool.

Download Transcript

New tools: Pulse Characteristics
Dr. Reinhold Schatzer

Team Leader, Sound Coding, R&D

We go into Triphasic Pulses—the new pulse characteristics that can be utilized to avoid facial nerve stimulation and other unwanted somatic effects after cochlear implantation. Dr. Schatzer talks about this patented discovery and how it can significantly improve the quality of life of patients.

Download Transcript

New tools: EAEP Tool
Dr. Marek Polak

Head of Electrophysiology for Assessment, R&D

We discuss the new Electric Acoustic Evoked Potential Tool—the first clinically available tool for measuring both acoustically and electrically evoked intra-cochlear potentials. Dr. Polak discusses the clinical applications of this tool as well as previous and ongoing research.

Download Transcript

Key Messages on MAESTRO 7.0
Jennifer Robinson

Senior Product Manager Clinical Software, PM

We look at the ESRT task in relation to the AutoART task and when to use which. We wrap up the discussion by giving clinicians the three important points they should take away from the new developments in the MAESTRO 7.0 software.

Download Transcript

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