Complete Cochlear Coverage
The Full Spectrum of Sound


At MED-EL, we believe in providing our recipients with the best possible hearing experience. Complete Cochlear Coverage allows our cochlear implants to stimulate the full length of the cochlea, which provides a richer, more natural sound quality.  

The cochlea is a small, spiral-shaped structure that converts mechanical vibrations into neural impulses. This is done by thousands of specialised nerve cells that respond to sound vibrations. These neural impulses are then sent through the auditory nerve to the brain, where they are perceived as hearing. 

The nerve cells are found along the length of the cochlea, and nerve cells in different locations will respond to different sounds. This is referred to as tonotopicity. Normally, low-frequency sounds stimulate nerve fibres in the apex, or top region of the cochlea, while high-frequency sounds stimulate nerve fibres at the base of the cochlea. 

The different pitches of sound are perceived in different portions of the cochlea

What is Complete Cochlear Coverage (CCC)?

Complete Cochlear Coverage means stimulating the maximum range of nerve fibres in the cochlea. This is achieved through the use of a long, flexible electrode array that covers the cochlea from the most apical to the most basal region. A short electrode array is only able to stimulate a restricted region of the cochlea, which misses the nerve fibres in the apex. MED−EL’s uniquely long and flexible electrode arrays stimulate the full range of available nerve fibres. This complete range of stimulation is essential to benefit from the full spectrum of sound.

Synergy in Technology

Triformance provides the best possible hearing to recipients of our cochlear implant systems through the unique advantages of Structure Preservation, Complete Cochlear Coverage, and FineHearing. These technologies work together in synergy to deliver superior hearing performance.

As a component of Triformance, FineHearing enables our recipients to reach their fullest hearing potential—with a richer, more natural hearing experience.

For A Richer Hearing Experience

FineHearing is the only sound-coding technology that provides access to the full spectrum of sound, including bass tones, for a richer and more natural listening experience.

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Structure Preservation
Ensuring a Hearing Future®

Structure Preservation of the delicate structures of the cochlea optimises the benefit of a cochlear implant, both now and in the future. Soft, flexible electrodes designed for lateral wall placement are proven to preserve the delicate neural structures and ensure a hearing future.

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Complete Cochlear Coverage
The Full Spectrum of Sound

Complete Cochlear Coverage provides the full spectrum of sound for a more natural hearing experience. Complete coverage of the cochlea can only be achieved through a long electrode array that stimulates the cochlea from the base to the apical region.

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