1. Luetje C.M., Brackman D., Balkany T.J., Maw J., Baker R.S., Kelsall D., Backous D., Miyamoto R., Pariser S., Arts A. Phase III clinical trial results with the Vibrant® Soundbridge implantable middle ear hearing device: A prospective controlled multi-centerstudy. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, 126: 97-107, February 2002.
  2. Mosnier I, Sterkers O, Bouccara D, et al. Benefit of the Vibrant Soundbridge Device in Patients Implanted For 5 to 8 Years Ear & Hearing, 29;281–284, 2008

*Vibrant Soundbridge 已獲歐洲和其他認可 CE 標誌的國家認可為供兒童使用的方案。

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