MED-EL has been striving to raise the importance of hearing for everyone´s life for more than 25 years. The EXPLOREMAGAZINE is a new and additional way to overcome hearing loss. Enjoy reading.



When you are able to decide whether or not to develop, and in which direction, that’s what you call freedom.
Hearing implants play a tangible part in personal freedom too. Hearing opens up new possibilities, unlocks new insights and supports us in our process of development.

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Time plays a crucial role in our lives. It affects our decisions and structures our day. It is one of the most precious things we have.
But what exactly is time and how can we make the most of it? We interviewed experts about the value of time, travelled through time with a physicist and explored the phenomenon of stress.

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Work goes far beyond the traditional notion of a job. In this issue we take a look at the role of voluntary work, how working varies around the world, latest working trends, or why people work past retirement age.

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In this 4th issue of the Explore Magazine - ExploreAGE - it is time to examine the way we live and ask ourselves whether we really want our lives to be constrained by others’ limiting attitudes with regard to ageing?

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Our third issue is all about children and childhood. What do kids need to live a good life? A question not only answered by Jesper Juuls.

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Experienced journalists have created this new project with us to portray exceptional people and to uncover the latest research under the guidance of established experts.

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In 1990 MED-EL founders Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair hired their first employees. In this second issue we took the opportunity of this 25-year anniversary to take a closer look behind the scenes of MED-EL and its employees.

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