CI and EAS Audio Processor

These support guides will help you handle and care for the SONNET & SONNET EAS Audio Processor.

Changing the Batteries

These steps will show you how to replace disposable batteries for SONNET.


Check that the battery pack cover is in the unlocked position. If it’s not, use the screwdriver provided in your SONNET kit to turn the lock counter-clockwise to the unlocked position.


Be careful not to use too much force when you turn the battery pack cover lock.


Pull the battery pack cover down and remove it from the battery pack frame.


Use the magnetized underside of the DL-Coil to remove the used batteries from the battery pack frame. Place the coil over each battery one at a time to remove each from the frame.


Insert the zinc-air batteries with positive (+) poles facing out. Before you insert the new battery set, make sure the battery contacts are clean and dry. Avoid touching the battery contacts inside the battery pack frame. Finally, remove the foil stickers covering the batteries. Always replace all of the batteries at once rather than mixing used and new batteries.


Slide the battery pack cover up fully over the battery pack frame. The battery pack cover lock should be facing to the front.

Battery Options

Use only type 675 batteries or SONNET rechargeable batteries. For type 675, we recommend using zinc-air batteries that are designed specifically for hearing implant systems. However, you cannot use zinc-air batteries when using SONNET with the WaterWear accessory.

battery life
oxygen supply
with WaterWear
60 hours    
10 hours    
8 hours    
10 hours    
7 hours    

*The SONNET Micro Rechargeable Battery is only compatible with WaterWear when using the Standard battery pack cover.


Refer to your user manual for more information.