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The EAS Advantage
EAS in the 2nd Generation

EAS, the world’s first solution for people with partial deafness, takes a two-part approach to improving impaired hearing. First, a cochlear implant with an atraumatic and flexible electrode array electrically stimulates the nerve cells responsible for processing the high frequencies. Second, acoustic amplification is used to stimulate nerve cells responsible for processing low-frequency tones.

Features like the world’s most flexible electrode array, developed specifically to preserve residual hearing, and Automatic Sound Management make the EAS Hearing Implant System the ideal treatment for partial deafness.

Introducing the 2nd generation EAS audio processor, the DUET 2

  • Fastest, most effective sound coding
  • Most powerful processor available utilising I100 electronics
  • Improved acoustic amplification raised to 43dB
  • Combined overall hearing range of 125-8500Hz.
  • 3-5 days of battery life

Choice of implant housing design:

  • CONCERTO is made of durable titanium. It is the smallest volume, lightest titanium implant available.
  • PULSAR is made of highly robust ceramic. It is the thinnest, smallest and lightest cochlear implant available.
  • SONATA, a proven cochlear implant offering peace of mind and reliability.

FLEXEAS Electrode Array
With a unique atraumatic tip and wave-shaped wires for maximum preservation of residual hearing, the FLEXEAS is designed to be inserted no deeper than the basal cochlear turn.

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