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Candidacy for EAS

EAS™ is the first hearing implant system available worldwide for combined electric acoustic stimulation. EAS is the ideal solution for people with partial deafness, defined as a mild to moderate low frequency sensorineural hearing loss sloping to a profound hearing loss in the higher frequencies.*
The following points may help to determine if a patient is a candidate for EAS:

Speech Scores

  • The patient’s monosyllable score should be ≤60% at 65 dBSPL in the best aided condition.

Additional Patient Criteria

  • No progressive hearing loss
  • No autoimmune disease
  • No hearing loss as a result of meningitis, otosclerosis or ossification
  • No malformations or obstruction of the cochlea
  • No air-bone gap >15 dB
  • No external ear contraindications to using amplification devices


*Audiological thresholds do not generally provide sufficient information to determine implant candidacy.
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