The Versatile FMT

The miniature FMT, or Floating Mass Transducer of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE, is a vibratory device which is smaller than a grain of rice. Despite its small size, it is powerful enough to provide sufficient compensations for hearing disorders.

The FMT is placed on an auditory ossicle or onto another mobile middle ear structure and its movements cause this structure to vibrate. This reactivates the natural framework of sound processing.

While the FMT is small, the vibrations produced by the mechanical energy are correspondingly diminutive. SOUNDBRIDGE inventor Geoffery Ball once quipped, "that the amount of vibration needed to stimulate hearing is like the heartbeat of an ant."

Fascinating facts about the FMT

  • At just 2,3 mm, the FMT is smaller than a grain of rice.
  • If we were to multiply everything by 10,000, the FMT would be 23 m long and 18 m wide. Nevertheless, it would only move by 1 mm when vibrating.
  • Even though the FMT movement is very small, it is so rapid that it would cover a distance of some 66 km each year in constant operation.
  • Over 13 years, its continuous vibrations would be the equivalent of the FMT covering the distance between Paris and Berlin.

Single Point Attachment of the FMT
The SOUNDBRIDGE is the only middle ear implant system that features a single point attachment. The FMT is only attached to the structure of the middle ear that it is stimulating.

The simplicity of the FMT's design makes it a reliable device that can be used to optimally compensate for a variety of different kinds of hearing loss. When the FMT is attached to a vibratory structure of the middle ear, it is able to vibrate the structure thereby stimulating the auditory system.

 This single point attachment makes placement of the FMT independent of skull growth and therefore suitable for implantation in children aged 5 and above.

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