Raquel's Story

Raquel is strong willed.

Her brother might use the word "stubborn". Her father might prefer "self-assured". Her teachers might describe her as "confident". However you name it, she is a pragmatist at age five.

Picture this:
Two table football games in the centre of the school’s playroom. The table for the smaller children is missing its ball. Raquel doesn’t blink, she simply walks over to the second table where the older kids are playing, waits for one of the teams to score, and takes the little white ball.

See a problem. Solve a problem.

Her teachers say it’s vintage Raquel. There was nothing mean spirited about snatching the small white sphere from the older kids. Raquel simply identified that a ball would be necessary to play the game with her friends; so she went and got one.

“She is a very eccentric person,” says her older brother, Michael, using a surprisingly strong adjective to describe his little sister. “She knows how to get her way, but I think this is good sometimes. She is never the sad one. She never goes to school feeling sad and she is always very confident.”

A little extra confidence is maybe the key to her success.

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