A true musician rediscovers hearing.

I have worked in sales for 40 years, travelled the country giving presentations, but most of all I have been a musician with my heart and soul. Gradually, however, I began to notice changes which have since influenced my life considerably. I had to ask people more and more to repeat their questions during a presentation.

My hearing aid acoustician recommended increasingly powerful hearing aids, and I was devastated when I realized that there were no better hearing aids for my condition. The fear of losing my hearing was overwhelming. I was lucky, though, to have my family’s support. People suffering from hearing loss need understanding and patience otherwise they will soon succumb to social isolation.

And then coincidence came to my aid. I met a man wearing a small disc on his head which made me curious. We started talking and the man told me: “This is my new ear. I can hear like a youngster again!” The ‘new ear’ turned out to be the middle ear implant system Vibrant Soundbridge. I was fascinated and became active immediately. This man also recommended an ENT surgeon and I did not hesitate to make an appointment. The surgeon described the function of the Vibrant Soundbridge in detail and explained further steps, the surgery and the subsequent fitting. I had no problem with surgery. If you really want something, you tend to forget your fears.

Hearing with the Vibrant Soundbridge is a natural process. There is no uncomfortable background noise, no disturbing feedback. Even my voice sounds natural to me. Also, the Vibrant Soundbridge is easier to handle than a hearing aid. My high expectations were not disappointed. After activation I could hear again like a youngster. It was indescribable. It was like having Christmas, Easter and my birthday in one day.

I can only advise others who suffer from similar problems not to give up. Bad hearing does not end with hearing aids. Contact an ENT surgeon who keeps informed about new developments and knows a lot about hearing implants. The Vibrant Soundbridge has changed my life. It made me the happiest person in the world.

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