A little miracle with a big effect

Actually, it is possible for me to sum up my story in three sentences: I heard well for many years. Suddenly I was completely deaf and couldn’t hear anything. I had an operation and hear again, thanks to a technical miracle from the company MED‑EL.

My name is Petr, I was born in 1955 in Czechoslovakia where I grew up. I have lived in Germany for over 20 years. I am married and have two children. I am an economist.

When I was 25 years old, I became deaf in my left ear. The diagnosis was Menière's disease. Luckily my right ear still worked well. I had so many contacts to people in other countries, and thanks to my being multilingual in six languages, I was able to continue my work as a translator with customers over the telephone. I really enjoy travelling and love to be in contact with people.

When I turned 50, my hearing on the right side began to deteriorate. Then in 2007, fate came knocking. I lost my hearing suddenly and completely two times in the same month. My job was suddenly no longer possible. At the hospital, I heard about cochlear implants for the first time. I was willing to do anything to hear again and after some research, I chose the company MED‑EL.

Within the following months, I underwent many pre-tests followed by my first operation which was without complications. My first fitting was just as uncomplicated. Because there was only a short period of deafness preceding implantation, I was able to hear quite well the first day that my OPUS 2 was turned on. The next few months included intensive hearing training and as well as a number of visits to my audiologist for adjustments. The CI worked without any problems. Shortly afterwards I was able to return to my old job. Barely a year has passed and I am quite satisfied with my “new ears.” A large team of specialist allowed me to return to the hearing world again. To all of these individuals, I am really thankful.

I am still fascinated by my OPUS 2 processor. Such a small piece of electronics with such a large effect! This technology comes from people who themselves hear so well and really are able to help those of us who do not.

My day-to-day life continues much as it used to. I can perceive the environment around me, I can communicate with my family and co-workers as well as with new people in different languages. I can speak on the phone and I can watch television without subtitles.

For people with a hearing loss, it is an unforgetable experience to hear for the first time with a cochlear implant. It doesn’t matter if you say “zázrak“ in Czech or “Wunder” in German. It is simply a miracle.

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