mountain in the himalayas

Michel M., a Vibrant Soundbridge user from France, recently climbed one of the peaks in the Himalayas near Mt. Everest. He climbed up to a peak of 5500 meters (ca. 18,000 ft.) and was able to wear his Vibrant Soundbridge Audio Processor without any problems.

Michel received his Vibrant Soundbridge in Marseille in December 2001. Before implantation he wore digital ITE hearing aids but complained about loud sounds, feedback and insufficient overall benefit.

With his Vibrant Soundbridge, Michel now reports benefits including greatly improved sound quality in noisy situations and wearing comfort. Michel still uses an ITE hearing aid in the other ear, but he is a candidate for bilateral implantation and plans to receive his second Vibrant Soundbridge in 2004.

(Michel M., Aubagne, France, michel.majourel@free.fr )

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