Manon to improve her musical playing

At the age of 9 I started to take flute lessons at the conservatory. I also learned to play the cornet and trombone. In a music contest for young musicians I came off second-best and at the age of 16 I successfully completed my conductor’s training. I cannot imagine life without music.

At the age of 18, when I started my apprenticeship, I received my first hearing aids. This was the end of my musical career. I tried for a long time to live without hearing aids and went through everyday life with bad hearing until it was no longer possible. I had to leave my orchestra and give up many other things.

After moving to a new place I became first trombonist in a modern, first-class brass orchestra in Neuenkirchen in 1997. My hearing became worse, however, so I could no longer follow the conductor’s instructions and explanations. Again I received conventional hearing aids. They enabled me to hear a lot more, but playing music, not to mention conducting an orchestra, was absolutely impossible.

I finally received my Soundbridge in 2002. Six months later my other ear was implanted as well and I can now lead my life as I did before. I am able to play music and work as an alternate conductor in my orchestra in Neuenkirchen.

Heiko, the conductor of our orchestra, is also enthusiastic about my high-tech devices: “Since using the Soundbridge, Manon blends into our orchestra even better. She adjusts volume very well and her intonation is excellent. She has improved even more with her Soundbridge implants and contributes very positively to the orchestra.”

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