Lisa, 6 years

Lisa was born with only one pinna and suffered from atresia on her right side. Initially she was provided external bone conduction hearing aids, but once she turned six she was implanted with the BONEBRIDGE.

Following the operation, Lisa had no complaints whatsoever and accepted the BONEBRIDGE well. She always wears her audio processor and misses it when she does not have it on her head. She uses the audio processor independently and puts it on and off herself. By having the BONEBRIDGE she can lead a normal life and concentrate on all the other things in life, instead of worrying about not being able to hear.

In her free time she loves spending time with her friends and enjoys dancing and music. She enjoys it when her parents read stories to her and when the family all get together. Lisa is described by her family as a fun, joyful and special little girl.

Before she received her BONEBRIDGE she tended to be quieter in school but now she actively gets involved in all sorts of events and includes herself in the groups at school. Her spirit for life has been rejuvenated and can now enjoy her life to the full.


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