Gerald, 52 years

"I can fully recommend getting an implant for everybody who is considering it."

Quite early on I was diagnosed with a slight hearing loss.
As the years went by it became much worse and in 2003 it was recommended that I tried a hearing aid.

My doctor recommended a VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE instead of a conventional hearing aid because it would be more appropriate for my type of hearing loss and audiogram.

I decided to go for the operation and was implanted in 2004. After the first fitting of the audio processor I felt as if I was in a completely different world. It was only then that I was aware of what I had been missing over the years.
It was a very special experience for me, to walk along the street and understand people, right after the fitting.

I was able to hear sounds which hadn't existed for me anymore in the last few years. Birds twittering, babbling of a brook - everything was there with sound of music being more rounded.

For the practice of my profession the SOUNDBRIDGE was of fundamental importance. I am a consultant and have to do workshops - without the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE this would not be possible.

I can fully recommend getting an implant for everybody who is considering it. There is absolute minimal risk - from a patient's perspective the operation was easy and straightforward.

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