I can describe the sound of
bird songs to my grandchildren again.

In 1998, I got in-the-ear hearing aids in both ears for the first time. However, even after the adjustment period, I was completely dissatisfied with them. I took the devices off after four months and never used them again.

I first heard of the Vibrant Soundbridge when I read about it in a newspaper article.

Right away it was obvious to me that direct stimulation of the natural hearing system behind the eardrum must be the best technical solution. The natural system is untouched, which means that the ear canal remains completely open.

After the surgery, I felt uncomfortable for the first 24 hours because of the bandage. After that I was free of pain. First hearing six weeks after the operation was just terrific. In March 2006 the other ear was implanted. My speech understanding was already much better after the first surgery but now, after my second Soundbridge, I also have perfect directional hearing. Sometimes a loud noise startles me. For example I take off the Soundbridge during cooking if the plates clatter too loud. Apart from that, I wear my Soundbridge all day long and normally I don’t notice them at all. Unlike eye glasses, I am not aware of the Soundbridge most of the time.

(Prof. Friedrich Pieper, Ulm, Deutschland,,

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