Achim, 46 years

"I would never want to be without my new hearing ability again!"

I had problems with hearing from an early age and had to undergo several surgeries. In 2007 I developed cholesteatoma in my right ear. The cholesteatoma was removed, but I was almost deaf after the operation. At that time I was not aware of hearing implants and conventional hearing aids were not appropriate for my type of hearing loss. As a result my life changed drastically and I lost all my future perspectives. Due to the limitation in being able to communicate, problems arose both privately and in my job which put a huge strain on me.

Finally a colleague at work told me about the treatment options with hearing implants. After that I did some research at the University of Ulm and found out about the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE. I was immediately convinced of this hearing implant solution. As I had already undergone several operations, I was not afraid of the implantation. I believe you should focus on the positive things and that everything will be better after the operation. 

The following six weeks between implantation and activation were really exciting. I didn't know what to expect, what I would hear, which voices I would perceive and how they would sound. The moment of activation was just amazing! 

After a quick fitting I went outside to get idea of what it would be like. Peoples' voices sounded as if they were very close to me. In the past I only heard people if they were very close to me. 

Now I could even hear people on the other side of the street! That was so amazing! 
I am so thankful that my sense of hearing is back. Both job wise and privately, I'm back on track.

After some time with one implant I decided to be implanted on the other side, too. After that I had a real aha moment. I got my inner balance back which makes me so happy.

Anyone who is considering getting an implant, I can encourage them to do so!
I would never want to be without my new hearing ability again!

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