Appreciate Music
as You Remember It

Because music plays a prominent role in your life, it is important that you choose the right audio processor to help you to enjoy music. Results show that an OPUS audio processor can improve the quality of music appreciation, both with familiar and unfamiliar musical pieces.1

MED‑EL OPUS audio processor recipients listen to a variety of different kinds of music. From folk music to classical and from rock to blues, 82% of patients reported listening to music every week if not every day.1 With FineHearing, the combination of both envelope and fine structure information translates into a clear benefit for the user in understanding speech in background noise and for the appreciation of music.

91% of CI users surveyed said that music was pleasant with cochlear implants. In addition, the majority of these users reported that the appreciation of music, both familiar and unfamiliar was improved by upgrading to an OPUS audio processor, even after using their new processor for only three months!1

As the naturalness of sound improves, so too does the ability to perceive even the most complex combination of sounds. 67% of users reported that music sounded more natural and 64% reported that music sounds were fuller and more resonant, after just a few weeks' expererience with the new processing strategy.1 Experienced users of the OPUS 2 reported that they could “once again listen to their favourite piece of music.” With FineHearing technology, this music and listening perception is closer than ever to natural hearing.

  1. Brill et al.(2007), 2007 Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses, Tahoe City, CA.

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